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Buried valleys of the Solent Estuarine System

This small scale map shows the base of the Pleistocene river gravels under Southampton Water and the Solent. Because of the large number of civil engineering boreholes which have been made (particularly in the industrial areas on the west bank of the estuary) much more detail exists for Southampton Water. Maps are available on the scale 1:10,000 for the gravel base with contours at 3 m intervals. The main features, however, are shown on this small map with an old meander in the upper part of Southampton Water, under the Western Docks, the position of the deep channel under Calshot Spit, and the descent of the buried valley base to more than 40 metres in the eastern Solent and Spithead area.

The valley system swings southwest down the English Channel to join the extended channel of the River Seine off the Le Havre region. In the Pleistocene gravel phases the Hampshire rivers were upper tributaries of an extended River Seine. Now only the short headwaters remain.

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